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Here you can read the original Presseinfo from OSTKREUTZ! With all the original (cool) Rechtschreibfehlers in some words!


What is ROCK? Sometimes grandfathers say: boy, there is always two sides to each story. We say: one side is OSTKREUTZ! Ostkreutz was borned in the head of a man but has always been around. Remember the guys that took your glasses off your face in lunchbrakesand stepped on them? They were OSTKREUTZ! Remember the other guys that laughed at you? OSTKREUTZ will smash their glasses too. If they dont have any glasses OSTKREUTZ will smash them too. If they do not have any frieds, they will love OSTKREUTZ! OSTKREUTZ  is a mad kamikaze attacking the sun with a machinegun. The soundtrack of the attack is OSTKREUTZ! When you drive home drunk, OSTKREUTZ is an ambush af 200 barking dogs at 4 o clock in the morning. OSTKREUTZ is pure and simple - it looks you in the eye and says: i´m naked. It says: get naked too! Get in your car - drive! A wise man said: a big banana wants to make you camme - we say: OSTKREUTZ is a big banana! Are there any preferences: yes and no - ostkreutz plays the purest rock and uses samples of the beastie boys, ac dc and the spirit of the doors. but it contains a new massage: rock is good, god gave rock to mankind as a force against evil. OSKREUTZ turns bad into good. OSTKREUTZ says: don´t be ashamed!


OSTKREUTZ uses guitars, vocals and drums to play songs like MOTOR, BUM or DEUTSCHE ASPHALT. For those who do not understand the lyrics we subtitle ourselves permanently. Subtitle yourselve sometimes too! Most of the songs deal with how god looks at his strange creation - mankind! GANGBANG is a song about 100 girsl attacking a boy in a deadend street in eastberlin. Boys have to be brave these days! god, by the way lives in berlin and he likes OSTKREUTZ „they play music to watch girls go by“, like ELECTROBABY, who - held by her man - falls in love with a singer af a rock band. TANZEN, WUSRT UND BIER is about knowing many people from different occasions, now all congregate in a big final, they realize: TANZEN, WURST UND BIER - MÄDCHEN - GIBT’S NICH MEHR! VIBRATOR is a transylvanian folkdance playd by OSTKREUTZ in modern style, the song says: we don´t have to feel ashamed by porn movies, its just what happens everynight in millions of bedrooms all around the world, good thing are the resalt of porn!


OSTKREUTZ plays no lovesongs, we think, the people who believe in love are mislead. We believe in the power of biology, evolution, science and technique. God also love big machienes, that are described in DEUTSCHER ASPHALT. They make man go, he makes the machines go, the soul of a man is a MOTOR, what the soul of women is, we don´t know. Do we need to know? Yes, OSTKREUTZ is a band, but also a creed, everyone is invited to be a member of the OSTKREUTZ! The females call themselves ELECTROBABY, the boys are HIGHSPEEDBUA, a guy who has a strong affection towords speed, motors and elements. His aim is to challange resistors, of wich gravity is his greatest friend and friend at hate same time.


Three names: MINIMUM, MAXIMUM, MEDIUM, alway pronounce the second syllable! they are the founders of ostkreutz, MINIMUM is the guy, that gives the music rhithmical background, imagine OSTKREUTZ as a strange monster MINIMUM is the legs on which it walks and marches, strumbles and runs. MAXIMUM is the the head of the monster with eyeglasses that strong, that the reflaction of light is almost stronger than the original impact, so the sun gets burned badly sometimes by MAXIMUM! He sings in a strange transylvanian dialect and plays gituar like a speedcar. MEDIUM is the trunk of the mad machiene - he makes pictures and films in which one can uznderstand: good is good and bad at the same time, bad can be good or bad at the same time! MEDIUM, MAXIMUM and MINIMUM live in different cities in europe, but their heasquarter is eastberlin. east berlin is a good city for OSTKREUTZ. it is dark, dirty and smiles like kerosin, of wich MAXIMUM accidentally drank a bottle when he was a child. Was he ever a child?

www.ostkreutz.de                    tatjana@ostkreutz.de                       Gemeindehaus Treskowalle 116 10318 Berlin

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This Song is a Machinegun
Hung Up
Smoke on the Water

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12.05.07 - Koblenz, Suppkulture
23.05.07 - Berlin, SO36
21.06.07 - Hamburg, Hafenklang
  Official Ostkreutz Plattendealer
Discover, Marktstr. 1, 44787 Bochum
Vopo Records, Danziger Str. 31, Berlin
Hot Rats, Heidestr. 36, Magdeburg
Mr. Music, Maximilianstr. 24, 51333 Bonn
Ratzer Records, Paulinenstr. 44, 70178 Stuttgart
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